• Aluminum Alloys (6061, 7075)
  • Stainless Steels (306, 316)
  • Steel (A36)
  • Plastics (LDPE, HDPE, PVC, PET, PC, PP, PS)
  • Polyester, Nylon


  • Tensile Strength vs Yield Strength vs Shear Strength
  • Hardness
  • Thermal Expansion
  • Thermal Conductivity
  • Electrical Conductivity


  • Fabrics are made by weaving thread in an interlaced pattern.
  • Artificial threads such as polyester can be made in custom lengths, because the production process involves feeding polyester chips into a hopper then melting and extruding the material through tiny holes.
  • Natural threads such as cotton have organically-occurring fibers of a limited size. In this case the production process twists cotton fibers together in order to create long thread.
  • Fabrics become stronger through compression and twisting during the production process.


  • Sharpness. Modern bed-frames still have sharp corners that hurt people as they walk close by.
  • Brittleness. Normal glass is prone to shattering into a dangerous, potentially deadly hazard that is hard to clean up.
  • Slipperiness. Many liquids will cause people to trip; especially dangerous near hard surfaces and sharp objects.
  • Mass. People will commonly drop all sorts of objects from waist and elbow height, risking their feet.
  • Ingestion.
  • Out-gassing
  • Melting point and boiling point
  • Gas-state toxicity
  • Chemical reactivity



  • Basics - Voltage, Current, Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors, Transistors, Diodes
  • Prototyping - Breadboards, Standoffs, Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), Schematic Design vs Layout Design, Surface-mount vs Thru-hole Mounting, Discrete Components vs Integrated Circuits (IC), Gerber Files
  • KiCAD - Electronic Design Automation Suite (Free, Open Source) - - Sponsored by CERN


  • Computer Monitor - Screen Size vs Resolution, Refresh Rate, Response Time, IPS Panels vs TN Panels, LED Backlight vs CCFL Backlight, Height Adjust, Angle Adjust



Tools and Reference



Household Assets

  • Scientific Calculator - Recommendation: Casio FX-260SOLAR - Cheap, functional, reliable, and compact. Runs off solar power (no battery required).
  • Measuring Tape - Recommendation: Komelon 4930IM - Practical length (9m/30ft), impact resistant, quality plastic housing, nylon-coated blade
  • Scissors - Recommendation: Tweezerman 2000 Shear - sharp ice-tempered edges, full stainless steel construction, compact size.
  • Power Block - Recommendation: Tripp Lite PS2408 or ISOBAR6. Durable frame, thick cable. PS2408 has integrated circuit breaker and covered switch; ISOBAR6 has integrated surge protector and electrical filtering between outlets.

Hardware Design



  • Standoffs - Critical mounting separator between a circuit board and its mounting plate.
  • PCB Milling
  • PCB Etching


  • Industrial Control Panel
  • Wire ducts, Tags
  • Ferrules - Critical connector between the end of a wire and a device input hole for industrial applications. Essential for operational reliability.
  • PWM (Pulse Width Modulation)
  • PID Controller

User Experience

  • Rounded Corners and Edges
  • Impact Resistance
  • Surface Pick-up
  • Storage and Operational Place

  • Simple products made with a single durable material provide lifetime value.

  • Examples: stainless steel spoons, wooden tabletop


Possibility Frontier

  • Desire, Discipline
  • Physical vs Knowledge Limitations
  • Education and Training
  • Research and Development
  • Products and Services
  • Cost of Living (Per Country/Region) and Legal Permanent Residence
  • Communication Channels



  • Primary purpose: warmth, safety from bugs and animals
  • Summary: Shelter, air, energy, heating, cooling, internet, noise, bugs, neighborhood, area.
  • Check leaks and holes. Walls, window mesh, baseboard, faucets, ceiling.
  • Check indoor humidity. Ideally 30% - 50%. In excess moisture, use dehumidifier against fungi and rot. In lacking moisture; use humidifier for healthy skin and mucous membrane (boosts immune system strength).
  • Check electrical outlets. Match against region's expected voltage and max current standards. Voltage during use should not fluctuate. Ground must be connected. Excess current should trigger an easily accessible circuit breaker.
  • Check available internet and other telecom services. Prepare well in advance of moving in.
  • Check telling signs of bedbugs, roaches, fungi, and other polluting organisms. Search for spots, excrement, powder, and strange particles.


  • The human body needs the right balance of healthy nutrients.
  • Macronutrients are vital sources of energy (calories), comprising carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.
  • Micronutrients are important for specific bodily functions, comprising vitamins and minerals.
  • Macronutrients must be consumed regularly (daily).
  • Micronutrients are stored up in the body, hence can be consumed more sporadically (based on the micronutrient)- as long as the average amount is sufficient.
  • Eggs, Oatmeal, Beans, Honey, Peanuts

Systems Administration


  • Variables and Types
  • Strongly Typed vs Weakly Typed
  • Conditions and Loops
  • Classes and Objects
  • Recursion
  • Model-View-Controller
  • Object Oriented Programming vs Functional Programming
  • Computers vs Servers
  • Compiler vs Interpreter
  • Kernel vs Operating System vs BIOS/UEFI
  • Client-side vs Server-side
  • IP Addresses and Packets
  • TCP vs HTTP
  • HTTP Requests and Responses
  • Web Servers and TLS Certificates
  • Hard Drive vs Memory vs CPU Cache
  • Fileservers vs Databases

Digital Security

  • Encryption vs Decryption
  • Compression vs Decompression
  • Encoding vs Decoding
  • Hashing and Salting
  • Remote SFTP Fileserver
  • Remote USB Backup Drive
  • Remote VPN Gateway
  • Symmetric vs Asymmetric Encryption

First Aid



Marketing Channels

Presentation Channels

  • TV Ads
  • Poster Ads
  • Newspaper Ads
  • Radio Commercials
  • Billboard Ads
  • On-vehicle Ads
  • Company Website Homepage Ads
  • Third-Party Website Banner/Video Ads (ex. from niche blogs to large repositories like Youtube)
  • Forum Ads
  • Event Ads (ex. Superbowl commercials)
  • Event Presentations (ex. scheduled talk/slideshow at farmers' conference)
  • Samples
  • Demonstrations (ex. playable console games at store, self-driving car prototypes on road)
  • Search Engine Ads (ex. Google Adwords)
  • Social Media Ads (ex. Facebook feed ads)
  • Review Articles/Videos (esp. by trusted figures in niche communities)
  • Email or SMS ads (ex. offer sale discounts to registered users)

Cultivation Channels

  • User/customer rapport
  • Blog
  • Knowledge Base (ex. Youtube channel, on-website info center)
  • Company-hosted User Forums
  • Social Media
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Inter-business marketing relationships


Physical Security

Industrial Distributors



  • Mouser
  • Digikey
  • Avnet
  • Arrow
  • Newark